World's Most Stylish Babe: Alaia Rose

I immediately fell in love with this little girl! She's soo cute and adorbale!
In case no ones know's she's Monica Rose's daughter!

L.A Street Style

While browsing I stumbled across these two looks from Refinery's 29 LA Street Style segment. I absolutely love these two looks!

[Images: Refinery 29]


Stella Jean

I love, love, love Stella Jean Spring 2012! Full of vibrant fun prints and tribal patterns inspired by her Creole background and upbringing in Rome. Stella Jean brings us modern shapes and bold colors, from head-wraps to cropped pants. I would loved to be draped out in every single design from the collection!

Book Club: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Hello! I haven’t updated because I’ve been Pre-occupied with life. It’s been going well, as well it could be going right now. Anyway, I’ve been reading a different book every week…trying to keep sane. I always wanted to read this book by Mindy Kaling or Kelly Kapor from The Office. She’s a great writer, the book is inspiring, funny and overall a great read. There’s also some really good points on starting life outside of college. I loved it! It’s witty, funny and…just read it!

A Day With Eileen

The other day I took some photo’s for my friend Eileen’s blog. It was so much fun taking pics! I didn’t know how un-comfortable I was in front of a camera before that day, well I did…but not so much. We had on the same exact polka maxi from F21 and people were staring asking why we had on the same skirt. It was funny! I love how the photo’s came out, she looked stunning...I'm back, missed the blogger layout! :)

‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’