O' Bama Style!!

The first African American not "Black"(ugh, I hate that word although I have used it on occasions!!!) President and family to ever be housed in the White House are not only made a impact on the world, but also in fashion!! Yes!!! Michelle Obama has been noted as the most "stylish" first, lady since Jackie Kennedy. Yes, a few reasons why she is my role model: 1. She's a Princeton and Harvard corporate lawyer 2. She makes a six-figure salary 3. She is is FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN FIRST LADY!!! aaahh..ok back to reality. And Barack, he just soooo decent!! He looks so good in suits that Borac, Bosnia's oldest clothing company which has worked with HUGO BOSS has named a line of suits after Barack titled "Obama".

"It's a line of top quality business suits, and naming it Obama was an obvious choice because the president-elect is clearly a very elegant man and one of a few who knows how to wear a suit" says Ahmet Curic, a member of the Borac management team!! Oh, yea!

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