My Eyes Are Green...

Oh, so My sister just had a baby and I'm soo feeling lovely..I am so proud of her..and Erykah Badu's Song "Green Eyes" is my joint!! This song is like 10 mins but..it goes from old blues..to jazz..to rnb!! Go Listen to it! Here are some semi lyrics..ahhh i love this freaking song
'Never knew that love could hurt like this,
never though I would, but I got dissed
makes me feel so sad and hurt inside
Feel embarassed so I want to hide
Silly me, I thought your love was true
Changed my name to Silly E. Badu
Before I heal, it's gonna be awhile, chile


RED Smile said...

I love Erykah Badu
i love the song apple tree

Mz.Breezy said...

I love this song too. My other fave is Next life time. I love that lady

Indy said...

Such a great blog! Your style is great!


Icy's Fashion Blog said...

You are WONDERFUL, and so is your blog!

Kisses!!! ( +couture)



Sheli said...

thanks guys!!

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