Single and The City-drome?

I soooo feel like Carrie did..you know? When Big left her at the alter-and then she seen him in the street and beat him up with her flowers-then went to mexico and slept for like 2-3 days-then tried to get her life together over the span of 5 months? Yea, that's how I feel..except we didn't get married and never had a wedding, or a surprise honey moneymoon in mexico, and this only recently happened like a week ago..and we are not '40! Hmph!
*sighs, oh well..ta ta..I'm going to paint my nails black and get drunk tomorrow because I am young and 21 and can do what I want!!

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Alyssia said...

ur blog is cute =) love it!! :)

‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’