2008 has been a year for me!! But 2009 is here and I want to make some REALISTIC resolutions..people make resolutions but hardly keep them and I want to keep mine!!

( I found this cute little outline on a girl's blog, and I wanted to take it and do it for myself)

In 2008, I gained: a couple pounds, friends and developed a sense of who I am..and what I want in life

I lost: the path and direction of where I wanted to go, and my voice

I stopped: depending on other people somewhat..

I started: trying new things and living a little..jus a 'lil!

I was hugely satisfied by: the way I have grown up

And frustrated by: the way I handled certain situations..

I am so embarassed that: I once again, allow myself to put "me" aside and cater to the needs of others

But NOW>>>>>20009

I want: to become more self reliant, dependent on myself, a wiser woman...and come into my own! Lose weight..I want to get into shape!!

I plan on sticking to these too!!

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’