sooo, this weekend I broke up with my boyfriend! yea, the one i blogged about...cried about..did everything you could possibly think of!! it all started when I went to a workshop wednesday about abuse, not only physical..emotional..pyschological.. well, i realized he was really emotionally abusive and i don't need that!! it just seems that I was always putting 90% into our the relationship..going the extra mile and he wasn't even meeting me half way...more like standing there waiting for me to come to him! i finally broke it off and me and my friends decided to celebrate our "singleness" lol this wknd with dinner, I love them!! we are good catches...guys are just dumb!!


Super Woman said...

a workshop? seriously? see blessings come in different forms.

SOunds like a great workshop

keeko banxx said...

Goo Head Hunzz !!!
yOU badd

B.unique said...

yu defiantly gotta be a [ strongg ] female to call it off! go girl!
yu deserved the good time, & wats better than ya friendss, seriously!

Kiwi said...

I love the kiwi's in the glass!

I am happy you all had each other :)

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