We are studying film in Communications class...and we are watching classic movies. I never even heard of this movie before, but I fell in love with it. It's such a good story, it's about a guy Viktor Laslov on the run from the nazis and ends up in morocco. He's traveling with his wife...a beautiful women Ilsa(ingrid bergman)by, who the way is incredibly beautiful..and this film, the lighting really captures it( I still love Aubrey Hepburn though,lol 2 totally different eras). While in morrocco there is a cafe or diner where everyone goes and it's owned by this guy rick...who has the papers they need to escape. But, he had a affair with Ilsa...so..it's really good..if you havn't seen it you should

if you heard that quote "Frankly, my dear..I don't give a DAMN!" It comes from this movie..

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keeko. said...

i like movies dealing wth
th nazis and that era
ima check it out now

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