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My friend Trish has a blog "Sniffin Fashion on a daily Basis" LOl and it's awesome!!! And she did a post about her aspirations and dreams...and it really touched me and it's soo true!! We're both currently fashion merchandising majors at IUP..(what?!!) yea, sorry... INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PA, it's not the world's greatest school for fashion..but we are here and we are trying..

I was starting to think that I was in the wrong major, or if they even had schooling for what I wanted to go to school for..it seemed to me that it was all "who you know" and not your education status...because of shows like "The Hills and The City..where those girls..are rich beyond..whatever and can get that dream job...not because they worked for it, but because of who they are and where they comne from...and we have to work off buts off for it...but hey, we'll appreciate it way more in the end and never ever think of quitting our jobs because of a nosy(olivia)...co-worker..!!!LOL or maybe I'm whinning...??? Oh well, I don't give a damn!!

And I havn't really thought about this but my friend...brought up a interesting point. I don't know if it's like this in every city...but in Philly, you can tell where a girl is from by how she dresses...LOL..Yea I was thinking about this the other day..you can tell a philly girl..by her "Leather Jacket" and " Louie Bag" I thought that was hilarious but true!! I admit I fall victim to this as well...I mean, I love my leather!!! ...but, I understand that Fashion goes way beyond "Philly, Leather Jackets and Louie Bags"...it's just a trend..but I want to get out of that though, being characterized and catergorized?? Not a good look...no one's standing out if we're all trying to conform..right?

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vogue. said...

Yes Sheli!! we can't give up it's hard and challenging but like you said we'll appreciate it more in the end.!

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