Can't sleep..it's 11:55 pm

I think I have insomnia or something because I can never sleep, well atleast when I want to. It seems that I sleep in the during the day...but never at night. Is that because I'm tired from not sleeping at night?LOL Who knows! I just always have alot of things on my mind....I know your not suppose to carry things over from the day into sleep, know I understand why...you'll never get no freakin' sleep! Ugh..I guess I'll do some homework until I fall asleep and sleep all day til 4:30 tomorrow? Lazy...right?! My class isn't until 5..so...

This picture is cute..but its gets on my nerves...I googled "insomnia" and this is one that I liked. It could mean many things though, they could have been having sex and he fell asleep, like most guys do. Then it could really mean that she can't sleep...and what is he doing? Sleeping like a baby...NO!! Get up!! If I had a boyfriend and I couldn't sleep, he wouldn't be sleep either...he would be right up with me or make me fall asleep..like a good boyfriend. Where is my good boyfriend? ;)

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