End of Semester Wrap Up!

Congrats to the Spr '09 Neo's!! The New Members of AKA and Omege Psi Phi!! Congrats!! I love greek life...it's such an emotional event, especially at the probate. Congrats!! I love the 'Q's!! They know how to PARTTYYY!!! The after was crazy...I don't have any pics, I don't think. But just know that they are super duper fun, they like to entertain the females!! LOL..It was this one that kept trying to smack my butt with the paddle, I was running from him the whole night. It was crazy...It was also "Senior Bar Crawl" weekend, where the seniors would travel to all the local bars and get f*ed up..all early. Well I was on the bus and the three dudes, wanted to show me thier "tatt's" they just got!! LOL it was funny, they were cool...we coulda hung out when they were sober or maybe not..

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