It's just something one my mnd,,,

Soo I recently found out some interesting news about my ex boyfriend. I shouldn't be mad, cause he's my ex right? So why do I feel like sh*t!! Well apparently he was messing with some girl at my school...and she ran into someone that knows me and my know somehow came up in the convo and she says "oh, she use to mess with my ex" and the guy she was talking to says that we were still involved. Well, we where going to/ in the process of/ or whatever of trying to work it out, which he wanted...but she says they were messing around since November, and she was pregnant...just the whole nine yards..cheating info. I was shocked!! I don't know why I should feel like.."Fuck it" you know? Even though we were already broken up that sh*t hurt...you know?? Even though, I was already in the process of moving on...it's just something on mind..I wanted to get out! I don't care, if it was too personal...or whatever, I wear my emotions on my sleeve...now, I know I should put a jacket on top of it! hehehe..that was kinda cheesy! LOL

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