Long time, no hear...

Whaddup?!! Soo..my summer has been started and it started off bad. You know one of those situations where you think maybe everything'll be good after awhile and it doesn't. So your like "what the f" ,,,Like? No? Well that happened to me...I don't know why I get so...all caught up---whatever, I don't even want to talk about it!

Now..GOOD NEWS I have a internship at this really cool boutique in Old City, Philly!! Whooo!!! I love it! I'm just sooo excited to learn!! Its called " Topstitch" its a vintage boutique,,,it's soo cute!! I've only went for 2 days, cause I have like a million jobs( no seriously). I want to keep busy, so I won't get distracted...I need to get focused,lol

Soo...there's an update!

oh yea...p.s I am going back male bashing! Because I HATE THEM!! toodles

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