Hey...anybody home?

Yes, I am!! Hey guys...how is everyone's summer doing? Mine, is going really good. I still wish I went to summer school to take classes...but smh whatever! I wanted to post Kanye's new video with Rhianna!! They should totally hook up!! Like Come the freak on they look good together, even though I am still pretty mad that he dumped my girlfriend Amber Rose but that bitch deserved to be dumped. Messing with Cassidy!?? He not even hot right now and them little mixtapes don't count! No, sweetie the dick better had been good...smh Amber you get a dit(smack on the back of the head) for that one!

Yea..I would love to post pics and everything but I am on a macbook and I don;t know quite how to work it yet! I just know that I love it!! lol

Yes, but when I get to a computer I know how to work, I'll post some pics,I love pics!! Until then...

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