I'm BACK..

Hey,Hey,Hey People!! Life is great isn't it!!!?? I am great...just can't wait to go back to school...sadly. Nothing new is going on...is it? Uh,..no not that I know of. I am just tryng to enjoy as much of summer that I can, with my love. That's it. Oh, and I am starting to just rethink things..about my career choice: Fashion. Like,.I am not sure anymore, but I am not interested in anything else...oh I wrote a letter to my other love

Dear Summer:

I love you...like really. You have the best nights of all the seasons except spring 'cause April Showers are BOMB!! (sorry) I just wanted to say that I LOVE you!

talk to you soon...later on tonight///xoxox

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’