Fall Obsessions

Brrr** (gucci) Summer is officially OVERRRR!! *tear I am sad to see her go, she left so quick and didn't even give a warning! Like a one night stand...you wake up and the bitch is gone! Sighs...ohh welll! These are a couple things on my fall obsession list, a gucci! From far away on the screen it looked nice...hmmm I'm not so sure about it now though, ugh...I may still get it! Ohh and the tee by Crooks and Castles I love it and I need it. I never really paid attention to their womens' line but, I like the shirt. I want a really cute watch also, I been on a mission to find one. I was thinking about getting a "G shock" but I havn't seen any that are to my liking...I guess I have to keep looking

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