Brrr...it's Cold!

Hey all!! I just wanted to say 'Ello!! Lol School is taking it's toll. I think this is my toughest semester yet! But by the grace of God, I am still here...keep on pushing on! I hate fall weather, you get sick! Which I am ugh!! It's not Fun!! Yes...it's fall now, which means put away the sandals and pull out the boots!!Start Fall shopping if you already havn't! Here are some of My Picks!

dELiAs always have cute clothing for the Fall Season, Like this Devin Military Peacoat $69.50 that comes in several different colors.

Ladies...we know it's about that time! To bring out those UGGS!!Some of us were wearing them in the summer, but now is the season for them! They are so comfortable and warm,cozy...hmmm, don't you just wish you could sleep in them? Ok, maybe that's me...but these Sunburst UGGS are BOMB! With the rubber bottom for those of us who needs a little extra support for the snow!

ASOS also has some Fall must-have's that'll keep you warm this fall and fashionable of course!

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