It's about that time! Lol HOMECOMING! Yess!! My school Homecoming is this week. I don't know why I am so excited, yea...I do!lol HOMECOMING is one of the most important weekend of a college students career! Yes... Even though to get the full college experience of a Homecoming you have to go to a HBU Morgan,Clark Atlanta, Howard...it should be mandatory. My School is a HWBU so it's ok. But this year we have Trey Songz...yay! Tickets were $8, but they were sold out! Sheesh...I should have known people were going to get them then try to sell them back for $40-$50. No thank you, but I throw no shade, hey..make your money. But yes Homecoming is my exscuse to get pissy drunk and act like I have no type of sense...stay tuned foolery to come...

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