Soo much to do...so little time

This semester is flying by soo fast! I can't believe it! All my friends are going to be gradutaing soon :( in May 2010, that was my expected graduation date. I'm scheduled for the following year...I'm not ready this year. That's ok, I used to think that you have to finish college within the four years, it's ok if you don't. It's not like high school, where you know if somebody didn't graduate on time, they were left behind because they failed. No, college is different...I want to feel that I have gained all the knowledge that I possibly could have and grown as a person...ready for the working world, and right now I don't feel like that, so I'm going to graduate in the year '2011! Even though I'll still be reppin '2010! lol Another reason is because I feel like Fashion is such a competitive industry I need all the experience I can get! I just finished working on my resume and I'm ready to send them out! I need a couple more internships before I walk down that aisle and get that degree.

I guess you can say, that I'm also alittle scared of what happens next. Life after college? Bills, work...no more play? Me and my friends have this conversation almost everyday, we don't know what the future holds... For me, I have plans..grad school...marriage..kids. I'm about to be 22 in December( I'm feeling old) ...or maybe, I'm thinking too much..
-Happy Thursday

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’