Soundtrack to My Life

That song is so appropiate right now. I just been feeling down lately, life is getting to me. It hasn't been fun. I'm just starting to really think about this "Fashion" thing. I just keep wondering, am I really going to make it, and do what I really love and been wanting to do since forever? I know you aren't suppose to doubt yourself and all that but it's just been on my mind for sometime now. I have a feeling that I am going to end up at a mediocre job, doing mediorce things....that's just it. I'm not MEDIORCE!! I have to be doing something in Fashion...if I'm not then I'll just die, Literally! I've been trying (maybe not hard enough) to get internships and jobs and I have been having really bad luck. I hate rejection too! I know it's suppose to build you up and make you appreciative when you get the opppourtunity but man, I don't like it! All of this is just making me start to second-guess if this is the right career path for me...

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Captain Kirk [Dr. R] said...

yo never ever ever doubtyourself when it comes to your dreams. i used to be afraid of the samething. wondering if i was walking down a path that was going to lead me the wrong way. but i realized that as long as i establish my own value of success that no matter what happened that i would be doing the rite thing. gotta keep the faith, and God will assist

‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’