Does Facebook/Twitter affect Relationships?

I was reading a blog post that was related to this subject and I wanted to post something on the topic. Does Twitter/Facebook have an affect on your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend? I mean does the fb status really matter...if he/she has single displayed? Or on Twitter, they don't mention that they're even in a relationship? Does that matter..? Well, to me that can mean either they want to come off as single, why be in a relationship at all!? Or, they're private about their personal life because they have something to hide...unless your a celebrity...what the hell do you have to hide?
I don't know, I guess it depends on if you want your personal life open to your friends. But why hide your relationship? Your in it for a reason... Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with displaying your relationship to the public, or mentioning it on Twitter. What do you guys think?

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jada*lenae said...

yes yes yes.
facebook and all other social networking sites affect relationships GREATLY, usually in a negative way.i say this because i know from experience.
and i agree with everything you said.

NayCake said...

ohh it definitely does...i've deleted a myspace and twitter because of it gettin in the way before.

Sheli said...

I agree with both of you! thanks girls! :)

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