Is it over Already?

UGHH. This picture is exactly how I feel....finals are coming up. I just want it to be over already, this college thing is overwhelming at times. You just have to keep thinking that it's worth it, in the end. But I always wonder who really remembers what they learn in college...I mean what's the point in going through how many ever years of schooling, cramming information...tests, assignments and a headache worth of projects?? All just to get a certificate that you paid thousands of dollars for? And half the people that graduate in a particular field, end of doing something else anyway. It's all foolery, if you ask me...But the funny thing is, I want to go to grad school.


kim J said...

great post. i feel the same way, school feels like a waste at times but i've already made peace with the fact that i'm going to grad school (grrr). i don't even like to think about it lol

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Sheli said...

lol me too...I think I'll be in school for the rest of my life hahaha, just to keep the knowledge coming


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