Help Haiti

I'm sure you have read about it. I for one, feel bad...because I don't really watch the news, I found out about the earthquake via Twitter. I know it's bad, I just don't watch the news because it's depressing. However, there was a severe earthquake that hit Haiti January 12, and it is recorded to be the worst the region has seen in 200 years. Buildings crumbled, people were screaming, electricity was out...people thought it was the end of the world. Food and clothing a scarce, and it is hard for rescue crews to get into the city, To make matters worst, a strong aftershock hit yesterday...people who still have homes are afraid to to sleep in them, they're laying out in the street. The death toll is estimated to about 10% of the country, this is a tragedy... this is worst than Hurricane Katrina.

I'm glad the the U.S is really helping out...President Obama has come together with Clinton and Bush, both former presidents to see this country receives all that it needs. I thinks its only right, that we as a people help save a nation...preserve the human race, if your brother is hungry, you'd him food...not turn away, I urge everyone to help out in anyway that you can. By contacting you local RedCross, and finding out what you can do. You can also text YELE to 501501 ro donate $5, it will come off of your phone bill...let's help Haiti

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