Lykke Li

I was listening to Drake's "So Far Gone" and he has this song on there "Little bit" feat. Lykke Li, and I fell in love with her. Honestly, I like the song without Drake on it...it's great either way, really. She's hot, I like her sound....I'm trying to broaden my horizons in every aspect in my life...including music. You may have heard "Possiblity" it's featured in the movie New Moon.


Anna-Lisa said...

Love this song! She's so cute.

This That ,And The Other said...

Yeah I actually have this song on a mixtape of mine from like 09 love this song. Great post.I stopped by to invite you to join the "Anti Jerk" convo. Do you jerk? Or know someone who does? What do you think about the new dance craze. Your thoughts,opinions,and comments would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you soon ! or tweet me twitter.com/MsKayz

Is This Real Life? said...

love her and this song!

FabLondyn said...

Hi Hun, I love your blog so far and I'm your new follower!! I'm new to the blogging world so PLEASE check out my blog and follow me!! :) Thanks A Million xoxo ~Londyn


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