I Was Married To a State Of Mind; I Divorced It

Ok, so I think I am going to start posting my outfit's on here...not sure, if I want to get a seperate blog yet. But anyways this day, my school was having a Fashion Show and I went. It was a blizzard outside, too and I almost fell but I didn't. Shirt: Print Liberation (btw which is my favorite, and I need another one), Blazer: 80's Purple, Denim-skirt/Stockings: vintage.thrifted by me. Bag: Gucci, and Shoes: Dolce Vita. I've been trying to get on LOOKBOOK.NU, if anyone has one, please send me an invite: sheliahhunter@hotmail Tinks!!


Lateisha Turner said...

cute outfitt im loving the shoess


Jazz said...

Love those shoes and T-shirt!!!!

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