It's just that time again. Finals. ugh. They suck. I don't even understand why college have tests, to measure my knowledge of a specific subject, for?? But anyway, while everyone is up cramming for tests and finishing last minute projects..I'm up thinking. Thinking "How to turn Dreams into Realty than to a perfect Salary" by-way-of. So what's up next for me...I'm in the process of starting another site, for my styling portfolio. Also life after-school, I really want to go to FIDM! I know I've posted this many times, I just need to keep saying it and striving for it. I eventually want to start a online fashion magazine....in the near future. Oh, and more styling projects! I want to do everything! lol

peace, love & leather gloves!

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’