Live In The Night

Here are a couple pictures of what my summer life is like. I swear, I love the night. Just living life, which is what I love to do...I am a Life Enthusiast! But I just learned how to take pictures, I used to make the same annoying face and now I just love taking pictures, now! I want a Canon or a Nikon...I have still a digital camera, I'm like totally wack! lol I know!

Also check out My Girl Sophie blog! She's so sweet


M I N G said...

I love these pictures! I want a canon or nikon, too. I have to waaaaait, though :/

Sheli said...

Yes, me too! They take awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

That red dress and earrings are gorgeous! love the blog too :)

Sheli said...

thank you!

‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’