"The Hair is the richest ornament of a Women"


I did the Big Chop! As natural hair experts would say, I cut off all the chemically damaged hair (from perming, weaves. dyes, etc) and I've been wanting to cut my hair for a while....I just wanted something different. I'm still getting used to it, but I love it. I can't wait until it grows. I was worried that I wouldn't look right with it, some of my guy friends said that I'd lose "sex appeal", all because my hair would be short and blahhh! I'm rocking this sh*t! My ultimate goal is for it to grow big and beautiful curls! I'm also working on a new look and projects for my blog. I want it to be more than just another "Blog" or "Fashion Blog". Stay tuned.



kim said...

congrats on the big chop! I went natural a couple of years ago and I've never been happier with my hair.

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

Sheli said...


Tony Wang said...

Going to have to agree here - hair is really the best part of any person's look.

Nefd said...

you have a real nice blog i love it keep up the good work im going to follow it make sure to return the favor


Fashion is me said...

absolutely brilliant: 0 i love it



Tima said...

It looks great!! I'm still on the fence about... everything. I haven't had a relaxer in months and its been a releaf but Im so undecided :/ But you look amazing!!


Sheli said...

thanks everyone!

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