Love, Solo.

I post alot about Solo, but she's my current style crush. Most of my outfit inspiration choices come from her as well as myself. I think it's ok, to have an Style Icon that you get inspiration from, you love their effortless style...and she's IT (for me).


I've always been a fan of her since she was Beyonce's back-up dancer. I applaud her for finding her own way and not just using her sister's fame to get somewhere. After she "de-commercialized" herself, as I call it. lol Lost the weave, the pounds of makeup and Dereon dresses, I became a Stan!


I think she's a Minimalist. which Rocks! I throw that word around a lot because I feel it's, it's own movement! Minimal Chic.

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Dee O. said...

I totally agree :) I am such a huge fan of Solange because I love how effortlessly unique she is...it's so rare to find high profile people like that nowadays lol

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