Blue Sunday


I bought a new camera, a Nikon d60...I like taking pictures, really good ones and I'm trying to learn teach myself photography and parts of a camera. Since, I want to be a stylist, I feel that it's important to know the dynamics of a camera..what's it like to be the photographer, lighting and angle are good to know when executing a vision. These are just some shots me and my friend Adrienne played around with since we know NOTHING about a professional camera! lol These came out pretty good and I enjoy shooting my looks. I'm camera shy, can you tell? Oh, the blue electric lipstick, I actually MADE myself! I was getting compliments all weekend (pics coming soon). ...I made drop a lip line.


CeCeSoChic said...

Wow! Where did you shoot? This is really amazing scenery!


Sheli said...

thanks, it's a back road behind my apartment in Indiana, P.A

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