The first day of the rest of my life.


This past Friday, I had an interview with one of Fashion's most influential magazines. I was nervous all week, when I received that email they would like to meet with me to discuss future opportunities, my mind was racing "What should I wear?", or "Should I even go". There's been numerous internship interviews I've gotten at huge places, but because of my self-consciousness and my background I don't show up to the interview or even return emails. I think way too much about things, that aren't relevant but seem so real to me. Movies and reality T.v make 'Fashion Interning' seem so glamorous, they interns all look the same way, cute little white girls with a bomb ass wardrobes and makes you wonder why the hell are the even interning, this must be a hobby for them.

However, this time I decided not to let anything hold me back. Without a care in the world, I went. I came home for break early on Thursday to get everything ready for Friday. I was going back and forth about going all night, it seemed unreal. It didn't hit me that I actually had a interview until I got off the bus in New York and during that 30 minute, 20+block walk from 7th ave & 28th street to 57th & 8th I did a lot of thinking about what I would say, how would I act even the facial gestures I would make. I was thinking it would be a scene from "The Devil Wears Prada". you know Andy's first day. Surprisingly, it was slightly different. I arrived at the Hearst Companies building and was directed to the security desk, where I told the gentleman that I had a

He asked: What time? I said: 2:15. It was 1:45pm. He said: Oh, your incredibly early. I suggest you come back at 2:05.

I left, ran across the street to Mcdonalds to touch up my makeup and replace these god-awful loafers, with some very reserved black suede heels from H+M. The restroom was crowded so I unzipped my black leather bag and touched up my makeup, changed my shoes all while women were washing their hands. No one felt this was strange, I did. I called my friend Trish for a little pep-talk, who reminded me that my nails weren't did so to keep my hands to my side or out of view at all times. It was 2:05 so I hurried off the phone and went back to the security desk. He complimented me on being on time. I got my pass then headed up the escalator.

I was in awe, there was a women who called an elevator for me. There were about 10 different elevator cars that all lead to different magazines...I'm sure one of them was Teen Vogue, I'm guessing. When I arrived, I snapped a quick picture of the glass double doors (hence, the first photo). I walked in, the women who've I have been communicating with via email greeted me and we had casual conversation. I waited to be interviewed, which was only moments later. When the guy showed up, he was relatively young and was dressed casually. He gave me some background information on him and the company, and asked if I had any questions. He also said how he loved my pants, which were my ASOS floral silk pants, and my hair. He said I reminded him of Solange Knowles. I don't know if he was just being nice, trying to make conversation anyway, I thanked him. The interview lasted all but 30 minutes and the entire time I was sneaking a peak into the fashion closet, which was AMAZING!!!! He showed me some inspirational look boards that the interns created and told to me to make sure I bring flats because the interns take the subway a lot on errands to pick up samples. We shook hands wished each other a good afternoon.

I felt relieved and as I walked back to the bus stop, I was glowing. I had gone on my first real interview and it went great! All I did was be myself and got over what was stopping me so many times before.


Shanise Redmon said...

The interview sounds like it went great. I hope you get the gig at Harper's!

Dee O. said...

This post made me so so so so so so so so so so so happy! First of all, congratulations on your interview! That is absolutely amazing, I am so happy for you! Secondly, BIG kudos for having the courage and fortitude to go! I know what you mean, TV portrays fashion interns to be exactly like you said, but you know what boo boo? It's OUR turn! lol. The fashion industry needs a lil' chocolate thunda! It is so important that we continue to take chances and at least try because if we don't we miss out on so many great opportunities in life (this is a lesson I've been struggling with for a very long time lol) but reading stories like yours inspires me to live in the moment and take a chance, even if I'm scared :) I really hope you get this internship girl, I'll keep you in my prayers! Thank you so much again for sharing this! The was an AWESOME post!!


Sheli said...

I'm happy that you're inspired! Yes, don't be afraid to chase your dream! The only ones holding us back is ourselves. :)

!3reezy w/<3 said...

Shells I am so proud of you! Keep striving towards your destiny! You.were.made.for.this. Those little voices of doubt you hear are trying to keep you from what's yours! Remember when in doubt to push and press even harder! You are destined to do BIG things!

Hanna said...

Omg, amazing! :) This post was so inspiring! Did u get the internship? :)



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