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Since I downloaded this, I could not stop listening to it. Not to long ago, I wasn't a Rhianna fan, after the whole Chris Brown situation. I felt like she was trying to play the victim...talking about the incident right around the time when CB's album was coming out. I was totally off Rhi-Rhi for awhile. Anyways,she's always had effortless style or should we just say that Mariel Hann is just a Style Genius!!! I always thought Rhianna wasn't musically disabled for some reason, I mean she looks good so why not endorse her and make a star. However, LOUD has a collection of songs that make you re-think that whole sentence. Well, atleast for me. I tweeted last night after listening to it that it takes me on Acid-trip, I don't mean "drugs" but rather a musical journey...you may find yourself in a dance-coma. I danced the entire night away, while doing homework. She has special guests such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Eminem on the slbum, but I think she could have done without them. It's still really great seeing her get back to her oldself. So far, my favorite tracks are Only Girl in the World, California King Bed and Complicated.

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Rhianna Photos said...

Thanks for providing the promo shots of Rihanna's new CD. Her fans would seem to look forward to hearing the new songs on it. Good post.

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