Soo,,,just thinking.

So...I suddenly feel this revelation coming on..I often feel it when there is life-changing decisions I have to make. Well, what's really going on is..I have to find an apartment to live in next year, and I really don't want to live with my friends, because I like being by myself but at the same time..I don't know...SEE! There it is!!! Someone point it out...That is the problem..I DON'T KNOW. Like I really don't know..anything??? I have no sense of direction..I'm just a free spirit..I go whereever the wind takes me, sort of like pocohantas..I guess, I just know I need to get it together, in time I will..but how much time can on have?? I am interested in fashion, yet, some say I am not fashionable?? I admit..I don't dress "fashionably" everyday. all day..am I worried about what others will say of my personal style?? I shou;dn't be..I am starting to change..so my new years resolution is "Me"?

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’