Identity Crisis 1

I am having a identity crisis, I just don't know who I am..I am trying to figure it out..I wish I knew. I am about to be 21(yay! me). But. I am not ready to grow up. I am a jr in college about to graduate in some-odd semesters, and I do not have a plan. I still act like a child. Chasing boys, yea boys not MEN(crack a pitiful smile). I know that is not cute. I need to find out who I am. Start depending on me. instead of the opposite sex. I know right..I know I really want to do this fashion thing. Like I love it soooo much..I need to start making moves...

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Super Woman said...

you and me both sista....

except chasing boys im so much more attracted to men because i've dealt with toooo many boys

but i still act like a child demanding money from my parent and refusing to want a job LMAO


‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’