Kanye wants to be a Fashion Intern?

So kanye..wants to be a fashion Intern? I'm not totally surprised or hate that idea. IT'S ABOUT THE HELL TIME!??!!! Seriously, Kanye is a fashion icon...to me. 808's and heartbreak proves it!!( by the way..if you don't have that album go get it! it's a classic!!!) He is actually offering his services for free..at either Raf Simons or Louis Vuitton. I myself, thinks that LV deal will work!! I mean he is the self proclaimed 'Louis Vuitton Don'. right? Hmm..


brook lynne carter. said...

i think that this is a great idea for him to get more cultured. working for free will humble him down.

vogue. said...

i am hype for this he's offically doing it for louie v. Im too hype this is what I was gonna base my next blog on. I love Kanye lol he reminds me of someone I would date lol. and yes sheli! that new album is a classic. its def blowed!

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