So, I am suppose to be studying for RLST: Understanding the Bible, and I came across this website ASOS Whenever I come across some new shopping website, I get totally distracted from any and everything. I just like discovering new website's! I'm just getting out of my dEL*aS, UO and F21 stage..I know right sad?!! Sorry well..I am just discovering those sites too! Listen..I was a sheltered child, who cut out fashion pics from magazines and hung them on my wall because I wasn't able to wear that type of stuff..I had to hide it from my parents, but anyway..I found a Delias catalog in the 8th grade..and I fell in love with it..and I wore the stuff pretty much through high school. I am in college now!! Like, I feel like I need to be wearing..idk..I guess with the current economic situation H&M is affordable..but I think I need a pair of christian louboutins in my life and damier LV (real) bag!!

But I found ASOS and I am in love all over again:

I really want this effin dress to wear with BJ's or not? I love these shoes, but I know not what to wear with them..

I'm really feelaing the "GOTH GLAM" look..


The Black Barbie said...

ASOS is like the best website ever...I love their stuff. Only thing is shipping is a bitch b/c its based in the UK.

vogue. said...

those betsey shoes are bomb! the best shoes ive seen from her yet!

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