Facebook Moments??

I dunno..but this kinda caught me by surprise I was like' whoa! But I guess it shows you how people reach out on facebook. Well, I was quoting a line from Keri Hilson's song "intuition" for my status..."dudes out there think they slick..got alot of girls on their..d-d-- and they can't say no...I got this crazy feeling, I'm gonna be single again.."(my fav part!) and this guy just like...messages me
Here's the convo, it was pretty uplifting;

guy:Don't let the simplest shit as a male get you feeling this way. Dudes just don't know whats good until it is gone. Set goals for yourself and focus on those if the right guy comes along then it will be a added bonus. BUt your too young to stress. Niggas ain't shit Men are so make sure you know which is so you won't have to worry about these things in the future. Hope what I stated helped. Thanks

Me; thanks,

guy:then you made my day. Pick your head up, move fwd and prosper as a young, intelligent black woman is supposed to. If you need to vent you can reach out. Please continue to have a safe, blessed and productive day.

that was nice,..

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‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’