Step your P*^%^sy Up!! Hahaha Nikki said it first

Another new girl on the block. Nikki Minaj, my other B*tch, She the sh*t too I ain't gon lie...I wonder if she screwing wayne too!?!! Hmmm maybe, but she goes hard though

don't fuck with pigs like asalamaleka
I put em in the field, I let oscar meyer bake em

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Kiwi™ said...

She is a bad bish.

I heard some of her stuff and she is like the 2009 Lil Kim in a way. She is pretty and she does talk about sex but actually in a way not as raunchy as Miss Kim used to do.

I like the step your p***y up ordeal. Like it is true. Your stuff needs to be exclusive...I like her thanks for posting this!

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