Summer Internship @ Topstitch!

Hello all!! Here are some pics from the boutique in the Old City section of Philly called "Topstitch"! I actually got the info from my friend Lizzie that goes to my school..so shout outs to her, below!! She's such a sweetheart! But I am having a good time, I don't go as much as I want to cause I work alot..but I hope to learn as much as I can from the sweetie pie's there! They're all soo cute and stylish too!

ahhh I Love the feather earrings that they have in there! Linda makes them and I want some soooo baddd..maybe my hard work'll pay off?! But I will buy them..they're just too gorgeous! She actually dyes and picks the feathers herself...exclusive

I did this today with Linda, the display, cool right? Yea it was fun, I like styling...but I havn't really figured out what my calling is in Fashion oh but trust me,by the end of the summer I'll have a bunch of plans...my head'll explode!!


Polly Pocket said...

Cool! Where exactly in Philly is this? I always go to visit my family. I was just in philly last month :)

a.r.v.y said...

Love philly they have the best boutiques and thrift stores! The feather earrings are really cute to!

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Sheli said...

right on 3rd & Arch st

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