Amber Rose Elle Spread!

Our Favorite bad girl A*Rose spread in Elle styled by Mr. West Himself! I love it! I think she comin' for Rhianna tiara...(coughs) oh, excuse me, did I say that? I like this team Kanye and A*Rose, they produce nothing but hotness everytime. What will they do next? A duet together?! Hmmmm...maybe we'll see


Kiwi™ said...

IDK...she is cool I guess but unlike Rhianna she isnt very classy. I would like for her to not try to be ARM CANDY all the time...does she ever speak?

She a hswt chick and the spread is cool...

amber jene' said...

i don't care what ANYONE says.
Reguardless of her past and how she became famous, amber IS if not the, but one of the baddest chicks in the game.
Not to mention , she's withh yeezy . does it get any better?
LUCKY bitch LOL.

‘I don’t live in the future. I live in the moment.’