The girl with the red lipstick..

'Ello love! I decided to take a break from bombarding my blog with Fashion for while and post about me! BTW I love that pic, those pants are from H+M and the american apparel lace body suit I died to have! Literally, lol! I'm a 21-year-old senior in college! (whoot! whoot!) My major is Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing and Communications Media. Uhhm, my anticipated, well...I want to be a Stylist! Yes, but I have had no clients...anyone? lol You have to start somewhere right? I'm making progress... slowly, but surely. Ohh but the pressure of school is gettimg to me! But yes...I am the girl with the "red lipstick"


JustNorman said...

those pants are pretty fresh I'm not gonna lie.

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K. Julien said...

i've been eyeing that body suit for the longest time, seeing this pic makes me want to go buy it. Also, thanks for the kind words on my blog.

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