Make Under

I need a whole life makeover, lol may sound funny, but its true!! lol haha I don;t where to start but by the end of the semester, I should be in recovery from my surgery. I don't know where to start..uhm, I'm needy,attention-starved,dillusional, somewhat insecure, but people think I'm concieited( idk how I think I'm very humble, my facial expressions need to be permanently removed, I'm too nice...wheww! Yes, that is a huge one! If there's any others I missed then, let me know. But I think I covered it all, if not. I'll add to the list! Peace

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--The Clutch and The Pen . said...

in response to ur comment ..
all u do is go to customize blog , &u know on dhat page on the right hand side they have like add widgets . basically u can just type in the search box twitter ; or u can look for it on dha pages .

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